Foxbat flaperon hinges

Flaperon hinge no pin

Flaperon hinge no safety pin – correct

Flaperon hinge with pin

Flaperon hinge with safety pin – incorrect








Sharp eyed Foxbat owners have noticed that the flaperon hinges have small holes drilled in the spindles which run through the centres of the hinge bearings. One or two owners have even added washers and inserted safety pins in these holes, assuming that this will add to the security of the flaperon hinge.

The factory has confirmed it is absolutely not necessary to fit safety pins – the geometry of the flaperon controls and hinges means that the flaperon just cannot come off its hinges. In fact adding safety pins may actually be detrimental to the wear of the hinges. As the wing and airframe flexes under flight loads, it is important that the flaperon is free to move on the spindles, not just up and down but also laterally.

It is also important to ensure the hinge bearings are kept lubricated, even between services if needed, to ensure they are free to slide. If you have installed washers and safety pins – please remove them now.

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