Stop press – ABC1 Landline covers goat mustering

Goat MusteringFor Australian subscribers – today’s  ABC1 ‘Landline’ programme includes a section on commercial goat activity in Australia. Shots of a Foxbat in action are included!

The programme airs at 12.00 midday Sunday 22 June in the eastern states and repeats on Monday 23 June at 13.00.

And here’s a link to a BBC goat mustering video on the Foxbat Australia website – scroll down until you see it: Wild Goat Muster in Australia


1 thought on “Stop press – ABC1 Landline covers goat mustering

  1. After delivering a second Foxbat to Rick Gates, featured on Landline, it is good to see his goat business is going well for him. It is amazing to see his original Foxbat still flying and working hard in this very hostile and remote environment. I doubt it rarely sees a bitumen runway and appears to stand up to the short dusty and rocky landing strips around his property.

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