High flying in the Himalayas

Here’s a great article contributed by Captain Alexander Maximov from Avia Club Nepal. For photos of his experiences, please click here for the Foxbat Pilot Flickr Gallery.

Lima 1 copyFor the last 17 years I have been flying in the Himalayas. I believe it is one place every adventure and high flyer dreams to be. I fly both Foxbat A-22 three axis aircraft and weight shift microlights.

I love flying high and I do fly high. I usually do commercial flights in Pokhara and its periphery. A 26,250 ft peak is just 30 km from the airport where we take off. The highest we can go up to is usually about 12,000 ft above sea level but in some cases I am flying at 16,000 ft altitude. Nothing can beat the experience of soaring with the birds of prey up high in the sky. I do it every single day and get a different experience every time I do.

Its not that I don’t do low flights. But considering the terrain and the conditions we have in this region, high flying is the best. We fly one of the best aircraft for the job – the Aeroprakt A-22, so gliding if the engine stops is not a problem.

I have been with world champion glider pilots who fly even higher. There was recently a Polish gliding expedition team with their sailplanes. The height they fly is amazing – up to 22,000 ft. Flying with the mountains and even sometimes the mighty mountains below you is simply unexplainable.

I have flown many aircraft types and in every terrain worldwide but the love of flying in Nepal with its beauty has kept me here.

An open invitation to all you adventure flyers…come to Nepal and you will know the difference of FLYING HIGH by FOXBAT!

Many thanks, Alexander!

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