EASA Certification For Evektor SportStar

Evektor EASA PanelCongratulations to my old friends at Evektor-Aerotechnik – makers of the SportStar and Harmony aircraft. They have achieved yet another first – EASA certification of a SportStar fitted with a Dynon SkyView System. This is the first ever aircraft to be certified by EASA with the SkyView.

Evektor will be pleased to add it to their list of other ‘firsts’, including the very first ever LSA approved in USA; the first ever LSA approved in Australia; and the volume number one manufacturer of aircraft in the Czech Republic.

In addition to the Dynon SkyView System – one 10″ EFIS and the other 7″ EMS – as you can see from the picture, the aircraft is also equipped with a COMM/NAV/VOR/LOC Garmin GNC 255 receiver and an Apple iPad mini, bringing extended convenience and functionality to the cockpit. To round off the package, the aircraft has a ballistic recovery system.

Evektor SportStar RTC EASALucky French owners are the Aero Club Les Alcyons – one of the biggest clubs in the Paris area.

Evektor are also nearing certification of the new generation twin engine turboprop EV-55 Outback, for transportation of 9-14 passengers and/or cargo.

Well done everyone at Evektor!

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