Aeroprakt factory visit – 1

Aeroprakt Factory 01 copyAeroprakt Factory 02In spite of misinformed rumours to the contrary, I can confirm (again) that the Aeroprakt factory is operating as normal. Here are just a couple of pictures taken today. Currently there are around 5 A22L2 aircraft in production, and 4 A22LS, including a couple of A22LS orders I just placed for an owner in the Philippines.

Later today, Doug King (New Zealand Foxbat agent) and I are going to the Aeroprakt Club airfield to do some flying on this gloriously sunny day in Kiev. More news soon…

1 thought on “Aeroprakt factory visit – 1

  1. Thank you for post Peter. Love to see more factory photos please. Wish the guys luck in these troublesome times.

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