Hope I’m still flying in my 80’s

PPC coupleHere’s a great story about an older married couple who fly their ‘his and her’ powered parachutes (PPCs) most days – Ziggy Coyle & David Bauchspies, aged 81 and 82 respectively.

The couple took up PPC flying about 15 years ago and now fly from their property ‘together but separate’ in central Pennsylvania, USA.

They have flown their machines which look, for all the world, ‘like flying dune buggies’ all over the States.

What I like about this story – apart from a couple still flying in their 80’s – is their approach to being airborne. No matter the aircraft only fly at 25-35 knots. No matter that anything much of a wind keeps them on the ground. It’s the sheer enjoyment of the views and sights which give them their lift(!). Autumn trees like a sea of colour, wild stags fighting, prehistoric ocean beds, all viewed from aloft. Not things you you take much notice of when you’re barreling from point A to point B as fast as you can…

Good on them I say. Very ultra good on them!

Read the full story here, courtesy of the Centre Daily Times: Heads in the clouds: Couple share passion for flying powered parachute crafts

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