Jumbo Jet Hostel Stockholm

Jumbo Stay HostelThinking of visiting Sweden any time soon? Well, for something a bit out of the ordinary, have a look at the Jumbo Stay Hostel at Stockholm’s Arlanda Airport.

The aircraft is a Boeing 747-212B which has all the seats (and quite a lot else) removed. Part of the conversion included completely cleaning and sanitising the entire inside of the aircraft. The engines have been removed, although the engine pods remain, and it is bolted firmly to the taxi-way, so there’s no danger whatsoever of waking up somewhere over the mid-Atlantic!

The Jumbo Stay 747 has nearly 30 rooms, some for singles but many with bunk beds to maximise space. If there are two of you and you want some privacy and a bit more space, try the luxury Cockpit Suite or Black Box Suite, both of which have double beds and ensuite shower rooms/toilets. All rooms have flat-screen TVs and the single and bunk rooms have access to toilet and shower facilities.

Jumbo barIn addition, there’s a Jumbo Lounge and a Jumbo Bar for relaxation. Or you can take the wing-walk if you want to stretch your legs and reflect on the fact that the first ever flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903 was actually shorter than the wingspan of the 747…

Trip Advisor has given the Hostel some good reviews and there’s a short YouTube Video about the Hostel.

Rates start at about $85 a night and rise to around $300 for the suites.

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