FoxbatPilot blog – 2014 in review

2014 blog reportI have just received an annual statistics report for 2014 for the FoxbatPilot blog from WordPress. The blog started at the very end of March, so these figures are for the first 9 months.

Here’s a summary:

– the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed over 28,000 times in 2014. If it were a concert at the Opera House, that would be more than 10 sold-out performances.

– the busiest day was 15 June, with over 850 hits on ‘World Cup Celebration – Brazilian Style‘.

– other high scoring posts were: ‘Spotlight on training – Soar Aviation‘, ‘Foxbat sunset & night landing‘ and ‘Foxbat bird-strike‘.

– overall, there were 98 posts and 184 pictures uploaded to the blog.

– the most popular posting day is Tuesday – I may need to change this as I’m told Saturday is the most popular day to upload a post.

– there were blog visitors/subscribers from 104 countries around the world; Australian visitors are the most common with USA, New Zealand and UK close behind.

– the top three referring websites sites are Foxbat Australia, Facebook and Netvibes.

Thank you to everyone for joining my blog since it was launched on 30 March 2014. Your contributions and pictures have been very welcome. I’m looking forward to further developing and growing FoxbatPilot during 2015 – any comments about content, design and style are welcome.

Best wishes for 2015, Peter

PS- if you like it, please send a link to people you know who might be interested.

3 thoughts on “FoxbatPilot blog – 2014 in review

  1. Glad to see the stats on the blog, its a great read. and I’m looking forward to open it and read everytime new email arrives!

    Hope for many more in 2015!


  2. Thanks for the blog Peter – I alway enjoy your posts and they provide an interesting perspective on the recreational aviation scene. In particular I like the diversity of material you have posted (e.g. the Philippines experience).

    The statistics are interesting too. I think we (as a society) are still coming to grips with these newer forms of communication and the social implications thereof. I run a Linked In forum for professional discipline which has more than 2600 members distributed across the globe. Recently I did a quick poll of members asking which of several sub-disciplines interested them most. It just required a single click response. How many of those 2600+ members did that single click ? Just…62. Among those people were a further sub-group of about 30 who regularly post and respond to posts. What are all the rest of the members doing ? I really have no idea !

    This experience and others I had with IRC and other tools in the early days of the internet lead me to conclude that, while it is possible to reach a large and geographically diverse group of people, only a small subset will “engage”. I do not say this is a bad thing – in fact it’s a great way to find a set of people who share one’s interests. However, I think blog statistics would be more useful if they told us how many people visit repeatedly and actively participate (perhaps they do provide that info..I am not familiar with WordPress). I know that one factor that encourages repeat visits and engagement in blog streams is how frequently new posts appear. If you did 98 posts last year that’s two a week and that’s pretty damn good !

    Keep it coming !


    • Thanks for your comments Andrew. My target is 2-3 posts a week and to keep the subjects reasonably broad in coverage. Generally, I’ll post Foxbat stuff when several people have asked me about a particular aspect or some special event occurs. Otherwise, as You’ll know, I love old aeroplanes too!

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