Women Pilots’ Relay of Flight

Women Pilots cancer FlightHeather Haynes, owner of A22LS Foxbat 24-9100 (officially the 100th Foxbat delivered in Australia) is taking part in the ‘Women Pilots’ Relay of Flight’ to raise awareness and money to fight cancer. This is part of an official Cancer Council of Australia fundraising activity.

Starting on the day after the Avalon Airshow finishes – Monday 2 March 2015 – aircraft are departing Avalon with a relay baton to begin what is hoped will be a complete anti-clockwise circumnavigation of Australia. In the end, there will likely be several dozen different relay ‘legs’ flown, with the baton being passed from one pilot/co-pilot to the next, all along the way.

Heather’s flight, with her friend Nathalie, is due for Sunday 8 March, carrying the baton between Caboolture – her home base – and Bundaberg. She’s hoping to raise at least $1,500 for her leg of the flight.

Here’s a link to her Cancer Council page: Heather Haynes Cancer Council Flight. Here you can sponsor her flight. Please donate some money to help her reach and exceed her target.  Just click on the ‘Sponsor me’ button towards the top left side of her page and follow the prompts – you can enter your credit card details and the amount you want to donate.

Here’s a link to the Women Pilots’ Relay of Flight Facebook page which gives more information on the fundraising activity.

And finally, here’s a link to the Women Pilots’ Relay blog page, which will cover their progress.

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