Lynton & David’s great adventure

Lynton and DavidIn the middle of January 2015, Soar Aviation took delivery of yet another A22LS Foxbat – this one, used but with very low hours, was from White Gum Farm, near York in WA.

Having made this journey three times myself, albeit via different routes, I can relate very well to their story, particularly being bounced around in big thermals 9,500 feet over the goldfields of WA.

This aircraft, 24-7979 – fitted with the latest Dynon SkyView digital instrument technology – is now doing the hours as a trainer at Moorabbin.

Click here for the story of Lynton and David, who flew the aircraft from WA to Tyabb in just over 3 days.

For a Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) or further information about learning to fly, call Soar Aviation on 03 9587 5020

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