The wonder of flight – after V1

After V1I never really much wanted to fly big aeroplanes – let alone airliners. Small aircraft are my pleasure and probably always will be.

And high altitudes I tend to think of as a bit boring. Low and slow is my joy.

However, here are a couple of videos which imaginatively encompass the excitement and magic of the flight deck of a passenger jet.

They are both titled ‘After V1’ – which I’m sure you’ll all recognise as the critical speed after which take-off can continue, even if you ‘lose’ an engine. Unless, like me, you only have one engine in the first place…in which case it’s probably best to abort the take-off and look for somewhere to land. Quickly.

But I shouldn’t be sarcastic¬†and unappreciative – these videos are both short, sweet, and very well put together. Congratulations to Cesar Meloni for a couple of excellent productions.

Hope you enjoy them:
After V1
After V1- showreel

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