New Aeroprakt A32 announced

A32Aeroprakt has announced the release of a brand new aircraft in its range – the A32.

The 600 kgs gross weight LSA-compliant 2-seat A32 will be built in limited numbers alongside the popular A22LS and A22L2 ‘Foxbat’ aircraft.

Bearing a strong family resemblance to the A22, the new aircraft has been in development for over three years, with particular attention to the aerodynamics of the airframe and ergonomics in the cabin. As a result, the cabin is spacious and quiet and the aircraft will happily cruise in the 110-115 knots range, without affecting its slow speed docile handling characteristics.

Full details will soon be on the Foxbat Australia website (which is being significantly re-designed) and I’m expecting an A32 demonstrator to arrive in Australia late in June. There will be a formal launch of the new aircraft in Australia, probably at Tyabb Airport, during July.

First customer deliveries of the A32 are expected later this year. Prices have not been finalised but will probably be around A$110,000 fly-away, including registration and GST.

Click here to see a short video of the A32

8 thoughts on “New Aeroprakt A32 announced

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  2. Cleaner lines and a “proper” torque curve( 912iS)……… with A22LS low speed capabilities, rugged-ness and field of view? Can’t wait for this!! 🙂

  3. I so want one of these, but then again maybe there will some nice used ‘Bats hitting the market soon.

    Either way it is a win.

  4. I think it looks terrific. Is there any tare weight difference between it and a 22 LS or does it share an equal load capacity ?

  5. Ahh…so THAT is the answer to the grainy photo quiz 🙂 Should we accuse you of a clever marketing ploy Peter ? The video is not working on any of my devices (yet) but I will be very interested to learn how another 10 kts cruise has been obtained, presumably purely by aerodynamic means (same engine ?) while retaining the low speed handling.


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