First Aeroprakt A32 arrives in Australia

A32 ready for inspections

A32 at Moorabbin – click photo for full size

The first production Aeroprakt A32 – a demonstrator for Foxbat Australia – arrived at CAE Aircraft Maintenance, Moorabbin Airport, near Melbourne on Monday 29 June 2015. Glowing in bright yellow, the aircraft was unpacked from the container in no time and was soon being prepared for re-assembly after its journey from the factory.

First impressions? Well, the obvious ones relate to the external appearance – smoother, sleeker, lower, plenty of new speed fairings and a snugly fitting engine cowling. To my eyes, it appears quite conventional although everyone who’s seen it so far has waxed lyrical about its looks. Comments like: ‘Much better in the flesh than photos’, and ‘Clear family similarities with the Foxbat’ were mixed with very positive overall comments about the shape and stance.

Personally, I love the quirky looks of the A22 Foxbat, which are a clear differentiator from many other more traditional high-wing LSAs. But I’m getting used to the much more streamlined looks of the A32.

Can’t wait for it to be registered and given a C of A so I can fly it….but I must.

More soon…

5 thoughts on “First Aeroprakt A32 arrives in Australia

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  2. 108kts sounds optimistic, what is the VNE set at? As to the UK having one by the end of 2015 I have to say That is also very optimistic, the LAA are not the quickest in looking at New versions so 2016 might be the first time we see a A32 in UK airspace

  3. Looking forward to the flight tests of the A32. I don’t know if it was just hype but there was a pretty optimistic claim about the increase in cruise speed, which would be fantastic if true. I wonder how it could be achieved with the same 912 power plant? Must have had a fair bit of wind tunnel time I reckon. Any ideas on price yet? Jim, G-EOID A22L

    • Hi James – yes, there’s been a lot of work over 3+ years on the aerodynamics. On the factory flight test sheet, ruise speed at 5000 rpm is quoted at 108 knots with a stall speed about the same as the A22LS Foxbat. In my experience, Aeroprakt is quite conservative and cautious with speed quotes, so I’m hoping that 110 kgs cruise will be achievable when the engine is bedded in and the prop pitched exactly right. Of course, that’s with faired gear legs and spats – fat wheels, which preclude fitting the leg fairings will slow things up a bit. The demonstrator is fitted with a Dynon SkyView System, which has a TAS readout, so figures can be verified. More to come when I’ve had a chance to fly.

      • Thanks Peter. Getting all excited here. Ray Everrit thinks he is going to get one end of 2015. I suppose it’ll have to go through the LAA testing procedure before it can be issued a Permit but it might be worth waiting for, cheers, James.

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