Vive La France!

Blue white & redIt’s amazing that even after over 150 A22 Foxbat deliveries in Australia, I still haven’t managed to get all four standard colours – yellow, white, red and blue – together in one place, side-by-side for a photo. Not to mention the half-dozen or so non-standard colours – orange, dark blue and green to mention but a few.

TricolourHowever, the occasion of two new owners collecting white and a blue aircraft from Tyabb at least allowed me to add Mike Rudd’s venerable red Foxbat to the line up and celebrate ‘les couleurs’ of the French flag.

Thanks to Gary Gould and Matt Coleman, both based near Orange in New South Wales, for their orders and giving me the chance to photo the bleu, blanc et rouge.

PS – you might just see a peek of the yellow A32 Vixxen lurking in the hangar behind!

Click the photos for larger versions.

6 thoughts on “Vive La France!

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  2. As a Frenchman, born to complain, I will have to raise that the French colours are ordered the other way around: “Bleu, blanc, rouge”. I am afraid you will have to call these aircraft back in Tyabb and do that shot again. Sorry Peter 😉 It’s a very nice picture none the less. Greetings from old Europe.

    • Hello Xavier – I have adjusted the main photo and text to ‘reflect’ your comments. Sorry for the error – it’s probably my old British red white & blue indoctrination!

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