Vive La France (3)


Click picture to view video

Continuing with my French theme, in case you missed it, here’s a video about a red A22 Foxbat, a banner-towing pilot, Claude Canteau, and a bubbly lady presenter, Alix Lanos.

Although all my children speak fluent French and have French partners, my own French is very basic. However, even though I’m only picking up a small part of the spoken words, I could watch this video over and again as it’s filmed (video’d?) and presented very nicely in that inimitable French style. Apart from the banner towing (not legal for ultralights or light sport aircraft in Australia), Claude executes a great engine-off landing (without the banner!), also something we are not allowed to do in Australia.

Bon chance Claude! and continue to enjoy your flying.

Thanks to Ferdinand Colonna-Cesari for the link.

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