4 Colours: Foxbat

WeekerooMy friend Norm has reminded me that my comment about never being able to get all four ‘standard’ Foxbat colours together in one place was incorrect – must have been a seniors moment!

In fact, a few years ago several of us and our partners went on a trip to Lake Eyre at a time when we thought it would be a once in 20-years opportunity to see water in the lake, and from the air too.

Lake Eyre is the lowest point in Australia – up to 100 feet below sea level – and at that time had been dry for almost 20 years. Heavy rains and cyclones in Queensland to the north had seen water eventually arrive in the lake and the desert had blossomed with flora & fauna. We grabbed the chance to go and have a look, although as it turned out, the following year rains also filled the lake and the waters remained for quite a while.

Weekeroo Station 01

Take-off from Weekeroo – click for full size

I & Louise were flying a blue demonstrator A22LS aircraft (24-7250), Mike & Telsa took their first yellow A22L Foxbat (24-4560), and Norm & Coral took 24-5200, a red US Foxbat LSA. We were joined for some of the way by Roger & Merry in a yellow A22L Foxbat (24-4691), so for most of the trip, there were just the three colours – until we reached Weekeroo Station*, near Broken Hill, where Pauline Crawford owned 24-7228, a WHITE A22LS Foxbat (in fact her second).

That morning, after a flight from Arkaroola Wilderness Sanctuary in the Flinders Ranges,  we gathered all 5 Foxbats – blue, white, red and two yellow, in front of Weekeroo and took some photos.

So there’s the evidence – way back in 2009, all four standard A22 colours together in one outback place near Broken Hill. Thanks, Norm, for ‘refreshing’ my memory!

* Interesting footnote: Weekeroo Station was the site of the discovery of a meteorite back in the 1920s. Quite a sizeable chunk of rock at around 95 kilos (210 US pounds), it is now residing in the Australian Museum in central Sydney.

2 thoughts on “4 Colours: Foxbat

  1. For us too Pauline.
    You and your family extended us splendid hospitality, including I believe a run or two of the grader on the runway before we arrived.
    We really enjoyed kicking back for lunch on the verandah of your lovely homestead.

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