Go Flying Australia Podcast on Aeroprakt aircraft

GoFlying A32 PodcastGo Flying Australia Blog is a great collection of information for GA and Light Sport/Recreational pilots/owners with, as its name suggests, a focus on Australian aircraft and flying.

I was really chuffed (there’s an old pommie expression for you) to be called by Adam Knight, host of the blog, and asked if I’d be willing to do an audio podcast interview with him about the A22 Foxbat and A32 Vixxen. Do bears seek comfort and relief in the woods?? Previous podcasts he’s released have included interviews with Matt Hall, Australian Red Bull air ace and aerobatic champ and Joel Haski, owner of Red Baron (Aerobatics) Flight Training, so I’m privileged to be in some lofty company. As well as these podcasts, there are many others covering a wide range of topics, from learning to fly, to warbirds, to airline flying and all points around and in between.

To listen to my attempt – Adam is very helpful and easy to talk with – either click the picture above or here: Podcast 024 – New VSTOL A32 Vixxen LSA from Aeroprakt

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