A hangar with a difference

Star hangarOwn a couple of aircraft? Don’t want to live in the hangar but want your planes close? Have a read of this article about Tom Green of Michigan, USA, who has built his home to hangar two quite sizeable aircraft, some cars, two boats and some snowmobiles.

Loosely shaped like a star, it’s a really clever design and looks from the outside just like an admittedly a rather unusual house. The main hangar doors have been designed to look like normal house fronts, with the front door ‘porches’ concealing the noses of the aircraft. The aircraft run into the hangar on raised tracks, giving extra storage space underneath them and room to walk around without the need to duck every time you walk under a wing. The two main hangar doors are a work of art and precision engineered from Schweiss, who made specially beefed up mechanisms to lift the extra weight of these very big doors.

Tom’s home is at Lakes of the North airport, which is a ‘recreational community’ near Mancelona Township  in Michigan. As can be guessed from the name, one of Tom’s aircraft is a Lake 250 Renegade six-seat amphibious flying boat. Some people have a great life don’t they?

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