15 year-old Bryce tells of his first solo

Bryce first solo

Bryce’s first solo

After only 4.25 hours’ dual instruction, and barely three months after his 15th birthday, Bryce went solo in Foxbat 24-7277 at Tyabb Airport in Victoria. Fantastic news and congratulations Bryce!

Bryce has been ‘borrowing’ friend Mike Rudd’s venerable red A22LS for his training, which has been conducted with instructors from the Peninsula Aero Club (PAC). On Friday 4 December Senior PAC Instructor Tony checked out Bryce for the final time to ensure his take-offs, landings and emergency procedures were all A1 OK. He then stepped out of the aircraft on the apron to give Bryce his first of what I’m sure will be many solo take-offs and landings.

You can see and Bryce’s own recounting of his first solo by clicking the picture above or by clicking here: Bryce’s first solo.

As a bit of background, Bryce has been flying as a passenger in light aircraft since the age of 8 – aided and abetted by his grandfather, Terry, who owns an original SkyFox taildragger. In fact, Bryce has probably flown in more different types of aircraft than I have, taking the chance to fly whenever it was offered. That experience, together with his own natural inquisitiveness has helped Bryce solo in such a short time.

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