Foxbatpilot blog – 2015 in review

2015 blog reportI have just received the annual statistics report for 2015 for the FoxbatPilot blog from WordPress. The blog started at the end of March 2014; these figures are for the calendar year 2015.

Here’s a summary:

– the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed over 58,000 times in 2015. If the blog was a concert at the Opera House, that would be more than 21 sold-out performances.

– the busiest day was 10 June, with over 583 hits on the announcement of the release of the new Aeroprakt A32.

– other high scoring posts were: ‘A32 – Aeroprakt-ically magic‘, and ‘First A32 arrives in Australia‘.

– overall, there were 117 new posts and 224 new pictures uploaded to the blog.

– the most popular posting day is Friday.

– there were blog visitors/subscribers from 146 countries around the world – that’s 42 more than in 2014; unsurprisingly, Australian visitors are the most common with USA and UK close behind.

– the top three referring websites sites are Foxbat Australia, Facebook and the Russian Experimental Aircraft Association (REAA).

Thank you to everyone for joining my blog since it was launched in March 2014. Your contributions and pictures have been very welcome. I’m looking forward to continuing development in 2016 – any comments about content, design and style are welcome.

Best wishes for 2016, Peter

PS- if you like it, please send a link to people you know who might be interested.

2 thoughts on “Foxbatpilot blog – 2015 in review

  1. Well done, Peter. You are only one person but your impact is tremendous. While I am not a pilot, I look forward to receiving your emails. My only regret is that Firefox (for Android) has yet to convert to the new format for videos that you use.
    Regardless, all the best to you for 2016.
    Walter Reynolds
    Maple Ridge, B.C. Canada

    • Walter – thanks for your kind comments. All the videos are posted to YouTube in what I thought was a standard format. Hopefully, you’ll be able to view them soon. Best wishes for 2016, Peter

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