A22LS Foxbat new safety bulletin

Safety Bulletin elevator rod endAeroprakt has issued a new MANDATORY safety bulletin affecting all centre-stick control A22 aircraft which are fitted with a control locking pin between the seats. Affected A22LS aircraft start from serial number 174 and A22L2 aircraft from serial number 435.

Note that twin yoke controls aircraft are not affected.

In summary, when parked outside in windy conditions, the ailerons can exert considerable torque forces on the elevator rod-end screw eye, where it connects with the control stick, when the locking pin is in place. On one aircraft the rod-end eye was found to be sheared after a period of outside parking in adverse weather conditions, resulting in a complete lack of elevator control.

Bulletin action requires (a) a thorough inspection of the rod-end eye screw fitting; (b) replacement if any defect is found; and (c) control surface gust locks must be fitted as per section 9.2 of the A22 Pilot Operating Handbook when the aircraft is parked outside.

Click on the picture or here to read the bulletin: SA A22LS-13 Elevator Rod-end

3 thoughts on “A22LS Foxbat new safety bulletin

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  2. Hi Peter,

    Unless I am misreading something, the affected A22LS aircraft from the bulletin are S/N’s 174 on, not 157 on as above. I don’t have any central locking pin in mine (S/N 152) and lock controls using the seatbelts. So I assume this doesn’t apply to my aircraft. However, I will get it looked at during the 100 hourly anyway.


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