Delivering Orange Juliet

Orange JulietAeroprakt is going great guns in USA at the moment, with the A22LS multiplying nicely.

Here’s a video of the delivery flight of a new orange A22LS N5266J (for ‘Juliet’) from west Tennessee to Ohio, via (wait for it) the gulf coast of Florida. That’s quite a flight, even by Australian distances! But when the scenery is so good, I suppose you don’t need much excuse to extend the trip…

As usual, click on the picture to view the video.

4 thoughts on “Delivering Orange Juliet

    • Merci beaucoup Ferdinand, bon vols à toi aussi, Pete Ours Owner of Orange Juliet.
      P. S. My thanks also to Foxbat-Australia/Peter who took the time to answer my many questions while I was studying my choices.

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