Is your seat height right?

Seat heightHere’s a gadget for the pilot who has everything – almost. It’s a Seat Height Sight Level, designed to enable you to adjust your eyeline to the correct level before flying.

However, most LSA seats are generally not directly adjustable for height, so you’ll probably have to invest in a set of different thickness cushions, which can be used in combination to lift or lower your backside until your eyes have it right.

The gadget is placed on the top of the instrument panel before you start up; it has a a spirit level (to make sure it’s level) and a couple of brightly coloured ‘spheres’ so you can even see it clearly in dull weather. When the two ‘spheres’ line up – bingo! you’re at the right height. Don’t forget to put the sight level away before you start up and take-off or it might give you a nasty bump on the head (or elsewhere) if it falls off the dash when you start to taxi…

Available from Sporty’s pilot supplies for US$90 plus postage. Let me know if it works….

1 thought on “Is your seat height right?

  1. In the RAAF PC9s they had a little gunsight mounted on the coaming, you adjusted your seat height until you could “sight” the horizon through that. And that was the correct seat height.

    Maybe a similar little flip-up item built-in would solve a lot of stuffing around by all and sundry.

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