Foxbat flight into bad weather

deteriorating-visHere’s a nice helpful video – experienced Foxbat pilot James Pearce sets out on a trip with his wife to a celebration fly-in in the UK.

Watch how the visibility deteriorates and what James decides to do.

The video is over 12 minutes long but worth sticking with as it shows the visibility gradually reducing in real time. These circumstances are similar to those almost all VFR pilots will experience at some time during their flying. Let James’ experience help you ensure you don’t become a statistic!

As usual, to view, click on the picture or here: Foxbat flies into bad weather

1 thought on “Foxbat flight into bad weather

  1. Very useful to see videos like this – generates perspective. James went further in that I would have (I think) with that view out the window but perhaps it is necessary to push a little more in the UK (than in sunny WA) or else not fly very much at all ?

    Note the Dynon AH…I have a Tru-Trak AH in my FB and have found it useful in situations where the horizon outside is not so well defined. Not suggesting IFR for a non-IFR rated/current pilot but it is an aid worth having, especially if the horizon disappears altogether just as you decide to execute the “skedaddle” turn 🙂


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