Aeroprakt A22LS ‘Kelpie’ launched in Australia

kelpie-lh-side-02Foxbat Australia is very pleased to announce the launch of an Aeroprakt A22LS specially developed for Australian farmers, landowners and mustering pilots – the Kelpie, called after the famous Australian farm working dog.

The Kelpie is basically an Australian ‘standard’ A22LS with the following additions:
– larger series 283 KievProp for even better take-off and climb, with little penalty on cruise
– 8.00×6 ‘tundra’ tyres x3 for that soft feeling on rough paddocks
– rubber mud flaps to keep the ‘mud’ off your wings and tail
– large 30kgs placarded metal luggage container with exterior door, to carry all those useful tools
– Australian Warning Systems 100W siren with ‘yelp’ and ‘wail’ settings
– GME 80-channel UHF/CB radio through the headsets; intercom & both pilot and co-pilot can use the UHF
– clear protective tape on the fronts of the main gear legs and stabiliser leading edge
To facilitate quick inspections before flight, we deleted the usual wing strut fairings.
kelpie-mudflaps-01-smallThe aircraft was displayed at the recent ‘Ozkosh’ event in Australia before it was delivered to its new owner in far north Queensland. So far, we have received a lot of interest and a couple of orders. Call now to book a production slot!
Click here for a link to the Kelpie Gallery for more information. We are also making a short YouTube video about the aircraft and are hoping this will be ready in the next couple of weeks – I’ll post a link when it’s uploaded.

3 thoughts on “Aeroprakt A22LS ‘Kelpie’ launched in Australia

  1. Cool. Any idea of the cost of retrofitting the siren to a standard A22LS ?

    Any plans for the next phase, i.e. the “Rottweiler” Foxbat fitted with machine guns ? The “St. Bernard” Foxbat with a barrel of emergency rum slung between the gear ? The possibilities are endless !

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