Aeroprakt’s 1,000th aircraft!

A22LS #1000Congratulations to Aeroprakt on the production and registration of their 1,000th aircraft! This is a great accomplishment for them and Foxbat Australia is proud to have been a part of Aeroprakt’s success. Well done everyone at Aeroprakt and here’s to the next 1,000!

The 1,000th aircraft is a yellow (is there any other colour?) A22LS, which is now in service at Aeroprakt’s flying club/school based at Naliwaikowka Airfield near Kiev. Over half of the aircraft produced have been the 450kgs gross weight A22, A22L and A22L2 models, followed by the Light Sport A22LS. The recently launched A32 ‘Vixxen’ has already reached 55 production units with yet more on order.

Alas – only six of the much desired twin engine A36 have been built. Now, that’s an aircraft I’d love to fly around Australia!


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