Dan Johnson tests the A32 Vixxen

Light aviation’s guru blogger Dan Johnson grabbed the opportunity to test fly the newest FAA LSA-approved aircraft, the Aeroprakt A32 Vixxen.

Click the photo above or here to see the article and accompanying video: Dan flies the A32

You can read more – much much more – about all manner of light sport, recreational and ultralight aircraft on Dan’s blog: ByDanJohnson.

2 thoughts on “Dan Johnson tests the A32 Vixxen

  1. Well, at least that one has the flaperons the same colour as the rest of the aircraft. I’m guessing that the only reason that you have not taken over sales in the US is that the factory is already producing as many as they can. Also, thanks for keeping the Australian base price of the A32 below US $135k…

    • Hi Andrew, I haven’t taken over the US sales because they already have a great exponent in Dennis Long. He’s been flying the length and breadth of the country to promote the aircraft, working like a Trojan in between times to get the A32 accepted by the FAA as an LSA. The US$135k quoted by Dan Johnson is in fact a very highly specified aircraft with a top of the range Dynon HDX SkyView System, autopilot and ballistic parachute to name but three expensive options….although we have a 10% purchase tax (GST) here, the US$135k is a pre-tax price.

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