The Foxbat

IMG_7548 copy

The Aeroprakt A22LS Foxbat is a 2-seat Light Sport Aircraft manufactured by Aeroprakt Limited near Kiev in the Ukraine.

Its key features are:

– very short take-off and landing, with a good turn of cruise speed
– spacious and airy cabin
– rugged all-metal construction
– easy, safe handling characteristics
– uses the reliable Rotax 912 series 100hp liquid cooled flat four 4-stroke engine

Almost 1,000 A22 aircraft have been manufactured – about 135 (at the last count) are in Australia.

If you’d like more details about the aircraft, please go to the Foxbat Australia website at:

2 thoughts on “The Foxbat

  1. Hi Peter

    How do you test the material in the wings of the A22L for the annual inspection? what fabric test do you preform?


    Matt Dowdall

    • Hi Matt – you need to use a fabric pressure tester. Any aero engineer approved for fabric work will have one and may be willing to check your fabric for a small fee. The testers themselves are $300-$450 if you want to buy one – check Aircraft Spruce or other aviation suppliers for details. Peter

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