No greater burden

No greater burdenMore about flying safely: here is a moving and important video from AOPA about the consequences of, and lessons from, an aircraft accident which led to the death of the pilot’s son.

The accident resulted from a relatively simple mistake made by an experienced pilot, which clearly had devastating consequences. Although over 30 minutes long, I think the video should be mandatory viewing for all pilots, however experienced.

After the video, have a look at the points score for the Stress Scale – it’s interesting to see that it isn’t only negatives which affect your judgement.

Apart from all the psychological factors, I know of several pilots who have individually commented that physical factors such as dehydration, very early (03.30) rising with a full day’s activity, long gaps between meals or flying into the sun for long periods, all resulted in ragged landings towards the end of the day. Thankfully, aircraft were not damaged and no-one was injured but all have learned these basic lessons for future application.

Fly safely.