Are you sitting comfortably?

skwoosh-2My Aeroprakt dealer colleagues in the USA have recently told me about a seat cushion designed specifically for pilot use – where we often sit for hours on end (geddit??), particularly on long flights.

Personally, I have always found the A22LS Foxbat and A32 Vixxen seats very comfortable. But some of my less well-endowed (in the bottom end department!) have commented that aircraft seats, including those in the A22/A32 leave them numb, even sore, after a couple of hours’ flying.

skwooshEnter the ‘Skwoosh’ 4-section gel pilot cushion. Being only an inch thick, it will fit neatly under the usual A22/A32 seat padding, has a non-slip base and weighs less than 400 grams – that’s about 12 ounces for you non-metric people out there. Best of all, the Skwoosh folds up and can be carried in your flight bag, or transferred from plane to plane – if you are lucky enough to be multi-aeroplaned. And it has its own carry handles in case you can’t fit it in your flight bag.

Cost is around A$100 plus tax and postage, so they aren’t cheap – but this is a quality, USA-made product, which will last for many years. And you can emerge from your flights in an upright position, able to walk and not need an immediate epsom salts bath!