Brazilian Foxbat – a trio of videos

Brazil Video 01

Brazil Video 02Brazil Video 03

Here is a very nice set of three videos from Eduardo Fernandes Gontijo, A22LS owner in Brazil. Although fairly long – 6-11 minutes each, they show great views of the interior of this vast South American country. The music is good, even relaxing, and the various view points he’s used for the cameras also adds interest. It’s also good to see the aircraft being used to visit friends!

I can’t be certain but it looks like Eduardo has an MGL iEFIS installed in his A22LS with maybe a Garmin 695/795 for navigation. So far in Australia we have installed mainly Dynon equipment – anyone any experience of these large MGL screens?

Anyway – thanks for the video links Eduardo, it looks like you are enjoying your flying!

As usual, click on the photos to go to the YouTube page for viewing.