Philippines Foxbat video

MSFC CharmaineHere’s a short video of, and from, one of the Mindanao Saga Flying Club (MSFC) Foxbats, flying around their local area near Mati City – some area… (Click on the photo to go to YouTube to view).

It’s amazing how the refection of the sea paints the underside of the white aircraft blue-green. Having flown here myself, late last year when the MSFC Foxbats were delivered, I can say it is one of the most beautiful places to fly. All the MSFC aircraft, including their Foxbats, are equipped with ballistic rescue systems so you can relax and enjoy the views of land and sea!

Many thanks to Charmaine Svelte Pallugna for uploading this video to YouTube.

PS – Why don’t you take a winter trip to the sun (all you southern hemisphere residents) at MSFC and go for a flight yourself. MSFC has a great club facility with a huge runway, air-conditioned rooms with ensuites and great food. Not to mention the very hospitable people and experienced instructors! They can even teach you to fly, if you don’t already have a license.