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There is an increasing number of photos appearing in the blog gallery. To pre-empt this getting out of hand, I have started a Flickr Gallery – click here to go to the Foxbat Pilot Flickr Photo Gallery

In the Flickr gallery, you’ll find all the blog photos and many more besides. I hope you’ll find this has these advantages:

– hi-resolution photos can be included
– videos can be included
– theres no real limit to how many pictures in the gallery
– pictures can be grouped into albums to make them easier to see and find

If you have any relevant high quality photos, please email them to me at and I’ll upload them – they don’t have to be of Foxbats, any good aviation photos are welcome!

2 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. Trevor – not sure which aircraft you are referring to or what you mean by ‘solid rack’? The A22LS Foxbat can be optionally installed with a side door and metal luggage bay during manufacture at the factory. Retro-fitting would be quite difficult. There is no side-door option for the A32 Vixxen.

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