Taildragger crosswind landings

GroundloopHere’s a video from one of my favourite YouTube contributors, ‘FlightChops‘. This particular video explains crosswind landings in a taildragger – including sequences of a Stearman ground looping and a nearly catastrophic lapse of concentration late in the ground roll (when most ground loops happen) in a Super Cub.

The commentary is excellent and quite candid – early warning! – there are some strong but very spontaneous expletives later on in the video, during a scary landing! Descriptions of ‘wheeler’ landings and the need to keep the upwind wing down during the landing roll, using only rudder to keep straight, are particularly useful. This is essential watching for novice taildragger pilots as well as a useful reminder for more experienced pilots.

‘FlightChops’ has an easy style and interesting array of videos – some of which you can access by clicking ‘Show More’ in the centre just under the main video window on YouTube. In particular, there’s one of what a particularly violent prop strike (during a seemingly straightforward taxiing manoeuvre) can do to an aeroplane. Click here to see: Propstrike.

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