Aeroprakt A22LS Pre-delivery flight check

A22LS Flight checkFollowing on from our recent A32 Vixxen flight check video, here’s another one – this time in a stick-controlled A22LS Foxbat.

As before, Mike Rudd accompanies me through a series of checks to ensure the aircraft performs as it should and is ready for its new owner.

Click the picture to view the video on YouTube. Watch at the highest resolution you can, to see theĀ figures on the dials

2 thoughts on “Aeroprakt A22LS Pre-delivery flight check

  1. As someone addicted to Foxbat videos and who has spent many hours trawling through the huge number on the web this is probably the best video I have ever seen for showing the real performance of an A22LS. Well done Peter and Mike – cant wait to see how your going to better this one

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