Kiwiflyer – A32 owner review

wcbNew Zealand A32 owner Warren Butler has contributed this story to local aviation magazine ‘Kiwiflyer‘ about taking delivery of and the first 50 hours flying in his new A32. It makes for absorbing reading and it’s always interesting to hear ‘real world’ feedback from owners.

As usual, please click the photo or below to access the article. You may have to scroll down and look for the last link at the top right side list entitled “Kiwiflyer Review 2017 (A32)” – click that link!

Please note – in New Zealand, they have called this aircraft the ‘Foxbat A32’ – it’s the same as our ‘A32 Vixxen’

1 thought on “Kiwiflyer – A32 owner review

  1. Thanks for posting this Peter – very interesting. There are now three A32 reviews linked on your website and (being the author of the earliest of them) I am relieved to see that they record many similar impressions: It’s difficult to be properly observant and even more to be properly objective when having so much fun !

    16 litres an hour of MOGAS in cruise above 110 kts indicated/120 kts TAS…that’s some cheap aviating.

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