Flying with my grandchildren

[wpvideo lgD5kKos]

On New Year’s Eve I spent the most wonderful day flying in a Foxbat with my grandchildren and their mother (my eldest daughter) and her partner. All the grandchildren wanted a second flight, so I must have been doing something right. But then again, it’s quite difficult to do something wrong in a Foxbat! What a magical day….

Click on the picture to view; enable HD and expand to full screen to enjoy to the max!



4 thoughts on “Flying with my grandchildren

  1. Thank you for sharing Peter…that’s just wonderful to watch. Not a bad location for a scenic either is it (around Westernport). ? It is such a buzz to share the wonder of flight with kids and the Foxbat is so kid friendly with the easy entry and the panoramic view etc. The same day as you did this flight (New Years Eve) I took my grandson for a flight in the RV6. I had taken him in the Foxbat a couple of years ago and since he is a bit of a “thrillseeker” kind of kid I thought he would like the high octane ride in the RV more. But when I asked him afterwards he said he liked the Foxbat flight more. Looking at your video it’s now obvious why. Low and slow is only the way to go sometimes :). I’d like to put a link to this video on the Perth Pilots FB forum if you don’t mind ?

    • I’d say your grandson has it about right – the RV is a great plane but (in my opinion) you can’t beat low & slow! (unless you want to get somewhere fast….) By all means put a link to the video on PPFB.

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