Foxbat Australia – new website coming!

After almost 5 years with our current website at we have developed a new, much more modern site design for Foxbat Australia which will be going live in the next week or so.

Although the old website has been widely used and favourably commented on, apart from making it more visually attractive, we have aimed to make navigation simpler – particularly for the many visitors seeking technical specifications and maintenance information.

All the details from the old site have been retained and updated, including the ever-popular ‘Used Aircraft‘ page, which is statistically the most visited single page on the site! In addition, if you want to find a school or club in Australia using Aeroprakt aircraft, we have introduced a clickable map to help you find one near to you.

There are also additions of an in-site photo and video gallery, so you don’t have to navigate away from the site to see visuals. However, our linked¬†Foxbat YouTube channel¬†and Foxbat Facebook Page will remain in operation – have a look, we post new items regularly on Facebook and are planning more YouTube videos over the coming months.

Once the new site is up and running, feel free to send me your comments!

3 thoughts on “Foxbat Australia – new website coming!

  1. How may I ask a question on the forum please? I would like to know which brake fluid to use in my nearly new Vixxen.

    • All Aeroprakt aircraft require pink aviation MIL-Spec hydraulic fluid in the brakes. Do not use DOT automotive (pale yellow colour) fluid as this will damage the seals in the Matco brakes.

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