Andrei Bezmylov

Andrei Bezmylov picI first noticed Andrei (or, rather his photos) through his superb pictures of the Foxbat on This is a fantastic site containing thousands of (thankfully searchable) photos of just about every type of aircraft, from huge airliners down to almost unheard-of special amateur-builts. I did not realise at that time that Andrei in fact lives in South Australia and went to university in the Ukraine – home of the Foxbat. He was born in Siberia and moved to Australia in 1998 with a depth of engineering qualifications and currently works for an ‘Australian icon’.

Although it was the Foxbat pictures which first attracted my attention, Andrei has in fact almost 4,000 photos (yes, that’s 4,000!!) on many of which were taken in Australia. He describes his photography as a ‘hobby’ but he is being extremely modest – if you have ever tried to enter a photo on (I have) you’ll know just how exacting their standards are! So to have so many photos accepted is quite a feat. Those of you with eagle-eyes will have noticed in the photo above (courtesy of Sport Pilot magazine) that Andrei is not flying a Foxbat but another type of aircraft. Now I don’t hold that against him as he has been very generous with permissions to use his pictures on our website, and who knows, maybe one day he’ll see the light! Meanwhile thank you Andrei for your great photos – of whatever aircraft – and long may your hobby flourish. Thank you.

Here’s a link to Andrei’s photos on Andrei Bezmylov’s Aircraft Photos

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