New Y-stick controls for A32 Vixxen

A32 Y-stick 01Aeroprakt has announced the optional availability of the popular Y-stick control system with twin throttles for the A32 Vixxen aircraft.

Various stick control systems have been tested and refined over the last 6-9 months resulting in what Yuriy Yakovlyev (Aeroprakt CEO and chief designer) says is probably ‘the most comfortable control configuration I have ever flown’.

As you can see from the picture, the Y-stick is centrally placed to make entry and rapid exit as easy as ever for the pilot and passenger – no need to contort yourself over a seat-front control stick. A32 Y-stick 02The throttles have been moved from the A22 positions beside the seats, familiar to so many Foxbat owners, to the bottom outboard end of the instrument panel. The throttles are now push-pull and have large, easy to grip handles. The Y-stick itself also has sleek new covers and handles, in keeping with the image of the A32.

A32 aircraft with Y-sticks are available for manufacture from September 2016. The cost is the same as for the (standard) twin control yokes.

A32 bottle pocketFinally, the small storage pockets on the sides of the instrument panel have been re-designed to enable safe carriage of a water bottle or can.

4 thoughts on “New Y-stick controls for A32 Vixxen

  1. Very nice – small things like that redesign of the pocket to hold a water bottle snugly make a big difference. How do you think fine control of throttle will be, given nothing to brace a finger or palm against ? Just have to try it I guess. Finally – how is your Ukrainian ? What does that sticker on the panel next to the throttle say ? Is that the throttle friction control in the slot underneath ?


    • Andrew – I’m waiting for more details. I assume the Ukrainian is ‘Full’ and ‘Idle’ but other than a Ukrainian who knows? No details on throttle friction yet.

  2. OK Tks. With the help of Mr. Googlarovich it is indeed “increase” and “decrease” and possibly рУД is the Cyrillc version of RPM. Either that or it is “rood” an old English measurement of land dimension 🙂

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